We hope you find this FAQ useful in answering any questions you may have before booking. However, you can also call us and we will be more than happy to clarify any questions you may have.

How much concrete will I need?

Concrete is sold by the cubic metre. Volume is calculated by multiplying length x width x depth. For example: if a room measures 3m x 6m and the depth of the concrete is to be 100mm, the calculation is 3 x 6 x 0.1 = 1.8 cubic metres. Make sure you work out your sum in the same units (don’t mix metres and millimetres or yards and feet). We recommend you work with the metric system for concrete.

  • To convert feet to metres - multiply by 0.3048
  • We deliver in multiples of 0.1 of a cubic metre.
  • It's much easier to use our online concrete calculator!


When should I use fibres?

Fibres increase the resistance to surface abrasions and improve impact resistance, reduce the risk of cracking when drying and reduce the risk of frost damage to a cured slab. They also make concrete easier to lay on slopes. They cost an additional £5.00 plus VAT per cubic metre.

What happens if I over order?

No problem, we do not charge to take away surplus concrete.

What happens if I under order?

If your quantity is critical we recommend you allow a 10 % margin for error. Bear in mind that small variations in depth on a slab makes a big difference in the quantity of concrete required.

What mix should I use?

If you are unsure and have no specification please contact to discuss your project.

Do we mix on site?

No, we have traditional premixed concrete trucks

What is a slump?

Slump is the measurement of workability (i.e. how wet). The normal is around 50/S2 slump but concrete is ordered drier for jobs such as fence posts and kerbing and wetter for pump mixes and footings. For simplicity, if you’re not familiar with the terminology, tell us about your project and we’ll set the slump for you.

How long till the concrete starts to go off?

Once water is added to the mix at the plant, the chemical reaction commences and concrete starts to cure between 1-2 hours from then. Setting times are dependent upon local weather conditions and the type of concrete ordered. The concrete protection to prevent problems such as cracking, typically using a water spray or covering with plastic sheeting as soon as possible after placing. If there is a risk of frost you should cover your new concrete to prevent it freezing.

Do we do a barrowing or laying service?

No, but we can put you in touch with trusted local contractors.

I'm using a wheel barrow to offload the concrete- how long will it take?

There are approximately 25 wheel barrow loads per cubic metre. A cubic metre is approximately 2.2 tonnes. A full concrete mixer (3 cubic metre truck) weighs 17 tonnes. The more man power you can muster up, the easier the job will be. 2 – 3 people barrowing is sufficient for most deliveries unless the destination is exceptionally far from the truck.

Can I use a concrete pump?

If you are short on help or it isn’t practical to barrow then a pump may be you preferred option. Budget on at least £350.00 plus VAT. We can recommend suitable contractors to you, depending on the nature of your delivery and location.

What will I need to move the concrete?

Builders wheelbarrow or dumper - Essential if you need to transport the concrete. Please be aware that concrete is both abrasive and alkaline, so protective clothing, gloves, boots, overalls and safety glasses etc should be worn. Cement can burn sensitive skin.

When the concrete mixer arrives on site what should I expect?

When the concrete mixer arrives, the driver will assess the required delivery location and discuss with you the best and safest method of discharging the concrete into the place you require. If the concrete mixer is required on site for more than 30 minutes additional charges of £90.00 plus VAT per hour pro rata will apply. We will need to wash our chutes before leaving. This will require a wheelbarrow, waste ground or skip. Please be aware even though we are offering a mini mix service it is still a heavy goods vehicle.

Will the delivery be on time?

We are usually on time. We will contact you if we have been delayed or are running early.

How big is the lorry?

The dimensions are:

  • Overall width- excluding mirrors: 2.5m
  • Overall width- including mirrors: 2.8m
  • Overall length- 6.8m
  • Length of chute- 2.5m

Please ensure that you can provide safe and reasonable access for the concrete mixer, as we cannot be held responsible for damage caused to footpaths, existing driveways etc.

Assuming that the concrete mixer can reverse up to the job, the chutes have a maximum reach of approximately 2.5m. This distance is reduced to around 1.5m if the concrete mixer is only able to draw alongside the job.

Please allow a minimum of 3m for the vehicle to enter an opening, such as a gateway. This distance will need to increase if the vehicle cannot drive straight at the opening.